CEO’s Year End Letter

20 December 2019

To my dear clients and friends,

Most of you would be aware that I released my first book, Simply Invest – Naked Truths to Grow Your Money, in May this year. My intent for this book was to curate evidence-based investment truths backed by solid research, and to distil the critical investment knowledge I have gleaned over the decades into a simple guide that the average person could use to achieve the best probability of investment success.

It was truly a pleasant surprise to see how well the book was received. It sold out at Kinokuniya less than an hour after launch, became a national bestseller by making to the Straits Times bestsellers list for several weeks, and all 70 copies at the 24 public libraries in Singapore have been consistently loaned out or reserved.

I am also much heartened by the encouraging feedback from friends and clients, especially those who found the book so helpful that they bought more copies for their friends and family.

Most would agree that 2019 has thus far been a very eventful year. Investors who panicked after reading the scary financial headlines and sold in early 2019 would have missed out on another good market run, exceeding the last good one we had in 2017. As of 30 Nov 2019, our 100% global equity portfolio is up 17.82% in the midst of a seemingly difficult year. The truths in the book would have helped investors ride out the volatility better by cutting out the noise and being more aware of how their instincts and biases can cause them to make irrational investment decisions.

It is my hope that this book will also help Singaporeans be wiser in their quest for financial security and find peace of mind for themselves and their families. This way, we can all focus on what is truly important: the people we love and the relationships we treasure.

On behalf of everyone at GYC, I wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely,
Goh Yang Chye


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